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  • On-premise Solutions

    MEDSYS : On-premise Clinic Management System

    Medsys is a fullweb clinic and hospital management.
    → Scheduling
    → Financial
    → Document Management
    → EMR
    → Stats and Analysis

  • On-premise Solutions

    MEDSYS : On-premise Clinic Management System

    Medsys is a fullweb clinic and hospital management.
    → Patient file management
    → Reporting
    → Billing
    → Compensation
    And much more …

Powerful, Innovative, end-to-end Solutions


Multifunctional service for business cost-effectiveness.

  • Document Management
  • Online document editors
  • Project Management
  • CRM and Invoicing
  • Mail aggregator

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Cloud-based Practice Management Software It includes practice management, medical health record, billing system, patients involvement, and much more, all in one! As it is cloud-based, it does not require any installation on your computer. MyHippocrates apps for patients Consult your own health data and send your health records to your doctor in one clic!

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Les solutions en ligne CLOUD DEMAT apportent des améliorations significatives et immédiates à votre structure : Les solutions de cloud computing CLOUD DEMAT ont en commun deux caractéristiques essentielles qui vous garantissent un retour sur investissement quasiment immédiat :
→Déploiement facile et rapide
→Intuitifs : quelques heures de formation suffisent

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ONLYOFFICETM Cloud Office Solution

ONLYOFFICE™ is a multifunctional office suite that enables you to store and co-edit documents, manage projects, email correspondence and customer relations in one place.
We host ONLYOFFICE™ for you, so you don't need to rent corporate servers and hire a system administrator.

CRM and Invoicing

Manage your clients database, track deal opportunities and create invoices right from your portal

Online Document Editors

Co-edit multi-page reports, business or financial documentation using desktop quality processing feature-set

Project Management

Track your tasks and control your team performance with a wide array of options on task and time management


Collect, process and store all your correspondence in one place, connecting all email accounts to ONLYOFFICE


Offers a complete toolset for building a social network inside your company. Communicate and collaborate not only with your project team, but with the entire company

Document Management

Share your docs for teammates and external users, benefit from comprehensive version and revision control


MyHippocrates is a next-generation Practice Management Software.

MyHippocrates is a cloud-based platform that will allow easy and secured sharing of data between patients and health professionals, better use of health data to improve patients’ medical treatment, and connection with third-parties health devices such as monitoring tools or diagnosis instruments.
It includes practice management, medical health record, billing system, patients involvement, and much more, all in one! As it is cloud-based, it does not require any installation on your computer.

Basic Features

  • Management of administrative patient data
  • Medical history of patient, with attached documents
  • Standard letter generation based on customizable templates
  • Prescription module allowing:
    • Custom prescription templates
    • Free text or assisted capture
    • Prescription history
  • Follow-up of medical treatment
  • Multiple agendas
  • Multiple waiting rooms
  • Alerts and warnings for important patient data
  • Billing module with a complete invoice workflow
  • Customizable invoice templates for often used rate combinations
  • Integration of medical images (DICOM)
    • Visualization of medical images
    • Integration of significant images into medical record

Coming soon Advanced Features in development

  • Share important data with other doctors (specialists, hospitals) for better healthcare continuity. Receive feedbacks after any consultation with other specialists.
  • Integration with labs for request of examinations and test results
  • With having access to the whole patient’s data in one place, be more accurate in diagnosis and treatment
  • Speech to text and sketching tools to spend less time on paper works and focus more on interaction with the patient.
  • Drugs incompatibility checks
  • Assisted diagnosis based on patient’s medical data
  • Ask the patient to fill administrative data before coming to the office or in the waiting room to save time.
  • Send automatic reminders for the patients before the appointment
  • With MyHippocrates billing system, view billing reports and analytics as if you had a professional accountant

Secure your company documents thanks to our Electronic Record Management System with evidentiary value.

CloudArchiver allows you to deposit your documents with legal value (invoices, contracts, purchase orders, pay slips, calls for tender, expense reports etc.) into a standardized archiving environment

Facilitate, record your internal processes and sign digitally your documents thanks to CloudSign

CloudSign is particularly intuitive and allows you to validate, sign any type of document (mails, contracts, purchase orders, expense reports, calls for tender etc.) from everywhere, using an Internet browser or a touchpad

  • Soft IT is a leading global Business Software and Web Solution provider with clients ranging from Multinationals to Medium & Small Enterprises. Our Global Headquarter & Development Center is located in Tunisia with sales offices and partners in France, Spain, Germany and Luxemburg.

  • Our team of consultants are thought leaders with a deep knowledge of application development, information management and systems integration solutions. We are committed to progressing your business through innovative ideas, smart thinking and practical delivery approaches. With core competencies across application, product and software development, at Sof IT we bring a collective experience

1-Requirement gathering
6-Delivery & Launch

Our approach is to ensure that every project we undertake is 100% successful

  • You know your project better than anyone. The discovery phase shares that knowledge with our team.

  • It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

  • By now we have a good idea of where the project needs to go. Now it is time to bring it to life.

  • This includes everything we need to get ready for final launch. Final Hosting & CI Setup.

  • The part we all love, sending the project out into the real world for real users

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